High Drama

boy on bridge

While visiting an eccentric’s homemade castle near the San Isabel National Forest in Southern Colorado, I looked high up over my head at a rickety catwalk swaying in the wind, and was shocked.

The conventional me shouted: “Where yo goddamn mamna, boy, why ain’t she a-watchin’ ya?”

Then I smiled and came to my senses: “Go, Climb, Explore… Leave the timid in your wake and never look back!”


bishop castle web pic

[44 yrs in the making & still under construction]

🙂 🙂 🙂

[previously posted pixels, re-edited]

5 Replies to “High Drama”

    1. And that intrepid kid dared go places I didn’t. 🙂 The “folly” pic I downloaded from the Internet. Five years ago when I was there the whole place was a messy construction area with “enter at your own risk” signs.


  1. I ended up reading the entire website and put Bishops Castle on my bucket list, right up there with Utah and Yellowstone!! I’ve always been mad for ironwork anyhow. My grandpa was a blacksmith and farrier in New Orleans, and I can still remember the smell of ironworks. Ummm.


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