Ragged Claws

ragged claws

I have been a lifelong beach bum and, more recently, a convert to mountains & the Wild West, but currently find myself landlocked and bereft of either.

Thus, at least for the nonce, I am rifling my files to console myself with images from the past.

🙂 🙂 🙂

[previously posted pixels, re-edited]

9 Replies to “Ragged Claws”

  1. It’s a glorious picture and creature, almost unreal.
    Such exotic stuff in your life, and the ragged claws are likely still there when you and Tzuri get to the beach. Has she not met the beach yet?


    1. There is a “dog beach” down near Naples that I hope to take her to soon. She’s just about big enough to defend herself from bullies. 🙂 Salt water should be a unique experience for her.


    1. I suppose I should have also included a shot of me, and then I could add another quote from Prufrock: “I grow old, I grow old; I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled.” 🙂


  2. And what a consolation these pictures are for those of us presently landlocked and cold on top of it. The quote from Eliot is astonishing placed with the photo. I never knew a crab could have white claws. Or a crab to be that color, too. But more than anything, a gorgeous photo. Thank you, Oops.


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