12 thoughts on “Our Lady of the Flowers

  1. Indeed! Indeed! Don’t you know in dog years 5 months = 3.5years old in human years? All 3.5 years old children I know are sassy.
    Seriously, Tzuri is blooming into great beauty!

    Take care John


  2. How does it feel to be living with a young beauty as you age and wither on the vine! She is simply gorgeous and is lucky to have such a loving home with you!

    BTW … had to shut down Pulse … just learned a couple of days ago that our printing costs would go up 50% … Ooops, Ooops … such is life … now I have to find some other way to attract an audience. It was a great run for what started as a crappy little magazine and grew into a beauty. Fun, engaging and forced me to grow … all good for an aging, cranky, old bastard who will always be young at heart.

    Richard Huss Editor, Pulse the Magazine

    http://www.pulsethemagazine.com http://www.RichardHuss.com

    Cell: 203-209-6628



    • For some reason I had to “moderate” and approve this comment of yours. I think perhaps because you didn’t use a conventional personal email return address. The good news is that (barely) I “approved.”

      But doesn’t look like that will be your ‘zine address much longer. 😦 It really was a slick topnotch production on your part.

      So, now you won’t publish my brilliant short story?


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