Bleakness Personified

In Florida for years and years I lived within walking distance of the warm & friendly Gulf of Mexico.

Then one day I found myself in Michigan, hunkered down in a cabin on a frozen lake for three solid winters.

Knowing how much I missed warm sunny beaches, someone said to me, “We have sand and waves too.  Now that Spring has arrived, I’ll take you there.”

Lake Michigan

lake michigan

Can any ‘recreational area’ possibly look more forlorn, less inviting?

😦 😦 😦

9 Replies to “Bleakness Personified”

  1. People living on land that is so focused on its beaches most of the year really have luxury dreamt of by many. No, Michigan doesn’t hold a patch on your Florida swaying palms, white sand, or wildlife. It’s wanting that drove me to the west coast. I will add that as an 8 year old, coming to Lake Michigan from the inland east coast in summer was pretty spectacular. But I’ve seen paradise since, too.


    1. Paradise is indeed relative, isn’t it. What really turned me off in the above picture – taken early one cold morning near Muskegon – was the quality of light. It’s sterile, embalming, not life-affirming. Then again, if you’ve just arrived from Brooklyn, you might be ecstatic. 🙂


      1. In reflex defense of Brooklyn, it also hath its charm (but not near the water). Actually this sterile, embalming, low light beach you note would have been to die for, as in contrast Coney Island was always elbow to elbow on a good day. But no, paradise it ain’t. And yes indeed, paradise counts.


        1. The lady doth defend Brooklyn, kudos! Actually, I’m sure Brooklyn does indeed have its charms, and I would love to visit there sometime.

          Somewhere up there, in NY, is the Hudson River, isn’t it? Not exactly a beach, but water. Or, wait a minute – that’s where the Mafia throws dead bodies, right?

          Just teasing. I don’t know NY but would like to 🙂


  2. I could picture it being worse if it had folks stretched out on the sand elbow to elbow. 😉 But definitely not as spectacular as our coastlines east or west.


    1. The Gulf often does have bodies “elbow to elbow.” The sand is soft and white, and the mood is fun and playful. The oceans, like you say, are spectacular, awe-inspiring, not so much for frolicking.


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