Gateway to Paradise ranch

Two summers ago I pitched a tent at Signal Mountain Campground in the Tetons. It was late June/early July and the temps at night got down into the 30s.

Right outside the Park is a horse ranch and I was there at first light (@ 5:30 am) to photograph some prancing stallions.

Unfortunately, none materialized.  The ‘golden moment’ quickly dispersed and I was left with this ‘consolation’ image of a gate framing the Grand Tetons in the distance.

🙂 🙂 🙂

10 thoughts on “Gateway to Paradise

  1. I LOVE this photo. It is so enchanting to just stop and stare at a gate for a while because you never know ahead of time what doing so may bring to mind. We all come to gates during our lifetimes, open, broken, locked, forbidden, inviting. A friend is a landscape artist, well known now, and painted a gate made of fence posts and barbed wire hanging open into a snow-covered with ice field in Iowa. I bought it because my entire life went through my mind when I saw it. About 6X8 feet. Hope you get to see it someday.


    • Yes, gates to me are like the proverbial glass half full. I always see them as open and inviting, something to be climbed or circumvented. There’s always more world out there.

      Thanks, Martha.


  2. Been going thru our old email exchanges … pretty fucking entertaining and at times outright hilarious … pulled up the “Gateway to Paradise” and waited again for the fucking stallions … to no avail …

    I’m out of the poor me I can’t get anywhere or do anything right and no one likes me so I guess I’ll go eat worms phase of my acne free old age teenage depression, so I think I’ll start up harassing you again and even send some writing … be warned …

    Where the hell are you and Tzuri?

    Richard Huss Editor, Pulse the Magazine

    Cell: 203-209-6628



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