Sometimes NO! is just a “nooo…oh.” Not every obedience command need be a thunderous apocalyptic negative.

St. John The Revelator, I ain’t.

I can really only think of two absolute commands that should be instantly obeyed: Komm and Platz. ‘Come’ might prevent Tzuri from being ambushed by a ill-tempered swamp-ape, and a well-timed ‘down’ might lessen her chance of getting flattened by an unrepentant dump truck.

Climbing up on furniture? That’s a mini “no-no”. For some obscure reason I thought it would be fun making a game out of shooing her off the couch.

Let her jump up to explore,

tussle with her a bit,

then gently usher her back down.

After all, I’m an enlightened ‘new-age’ disciplinarian; no need to traumatize a youngin’.

Unfortunately, Tzuri – who can easily leap up on sofas and coffee tables in a single bound – prefers to slyly make up her own rules.

“It’s okay just this far, isn’t it?”

tzuri on couch

“Besides – I’m so cute when I pose for you!”

tzuri on couch

“You want me to get way back down THERE?”

tzuri on couch

“Maybe when he’s not looking I’ll just scoot one back leg up at a time.”

tzuri on couch

What saved my brilliant training skills from utter disaster was when Tzuri dropped her toy and had to climb back down to retrieve it.  Whew, lucky me!

🙂 🙂 🙂

To be continued…

16 thoughts on “When ‘NO’ is a ‘Maybe’

  1. After several watchings I think she dropped the toy on purpose, and I had to make myself think, John’s there with the camera and she knows it. Tzuri the Diva, what a pup. The camera loves her! And oh my God she has GROWN!! Isn’t there twice as much Tzuri as there used to be? She looks so long, growing up, though still puppy in her legs.
    The couch-sneak….I think it’s passed on in the DNA. The GI crawl, the will he notice, the can-I-get-away with this move. She’s a total joy, how lucky you both are.


    • She is indeed growing, literally, by leaps & bounds. From a 9 lb. butterball when I got her to a lean & energetic 30 lbs. in 10 weeks. And lately she has discovered the power of barking! 🙂


  2. Ronnie and I just stood here grinning because we’ve moved the “good” sofa into the living room, so, of course, Babba hopped up for a snooze with head in Mamma’s lap last night. We empathize, and we’re just the same, lol. Tsuri is absolutely so beautiful. We want to see her, and soon!!


    • Everything I try to train her to do/not do is done with the knowledge that she is getting bigger every day. She has tripled her weight in 10 weeks and who knows what to expect in the next ten. So you’re right – Watch Out! I keep telling myself. 🙂


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