14 Replies to “Think BIG”

  1. Now seeing Tzuri grow into her ears and paws, which have looked bigger than the rest of her since we first met her here. She looks like constant fun.
    A stand-up comic I can’t remember did a bit on his cat. That the cat would be resting in calm contemplation then without warning, body tensed, spring into the air and race top speed from the room as if suddenly realizing, “Oh my God! I’m needed in the kitchen!!” Which is the kind of look Tzuri has leading to the log charge. Animals have an incredible sense of humor.
    One of my favorite Stone’s tunes, too.


    1. I love that “look” too. When I can see the whites of her eyes I know she’s about to slip into her impish mode.


  2. Speaking of growing into those ears and paws… your header shot looks like she’s making a lot of progress in that respect. Just a never ending bundle of fun!


    1. What I so much like about animals is that there is very little subterfuge. They don’t usually hide their intentions or feelings. She kept looking at the big log and you could just see the thought forming in her head. 🙂


      1. Yes and then you create that magic connection where you pretty much read each other’s thoughts. Best relationships I’ve had have been with my dogs….. 😀


  3. Damn John it’s one thing for the puppy to carry the stick but just can’t believe you threw it.


    1. Aw, shucks… Just the result of my ironman training. You should see me strap on a harness and huff ‘n puff and tug her crate down the road. 😉


  4. Is that Tzuri regular toothpick?
    Too bad I wasn’t able to watch the video — my software is out of date.

    Charle-boy, my daschund/beagle mutt met a 3 yr-old German Shepherd named Venice, on our hike this morning. They played catch some on the trail. Of course, I took pictures.

    Take care John & Tzuri


    1. Sorry you can’t watch the video. I took it with my smartphone. There’s actually two “toothpicks” in there, normal size and supersize. 🙂


  5. great vid of the kid–she’s gonna pick that log up one day with you on the other end!


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