…And Along Came Riley

riley the terrier

A ruffian named Riley came ramblin’ down the road itchin’ for a rumble.

He took one look at my sweet little Tzuri, who was minding her own business, and went for the jugular.


tzuri.rileyTzuri quickly realized, however, that – albeit much younger – she was at least as big as Riley, maybe slightly heavier. She was a contender even at 15 weeks, she reckoned, so instinct compelled her to defend her honor.


The battle raged on. Amidst snarls and flashing teeth first one, then the other, gained the upper paw.



What Tzuri didn’t realize was that Riley was a terrier, tough and tenacious, experienced in the ways of the world and not about to give up.

They fought ’till exhausted and then called a truce.


Strangely, or maybe not, a la Gilgamesh & Enkidu in the world’s first epic poem, they become best of friends. After their tussle they bonded and started hangin’ in the ‘hood together.

There are occasional rough edges to their relationship, for sure.

Like, when Riley in a game of kongball scampered across the goal line on an end run…

riley with kong

…but a dispute erupted over whether he stepped out of bounds or not.


And there is ever the ongoing jawing over who gets to drink first from the tiny water bowl.


Tzuri, at least for now, reluctantly defers to seniority.


🙂 Like I say, best of friends 🙂


I have not yet had a “fatherly” talk with Riley to ask about his “intentions.” And I can’t help but note that there’s a difference of something like 30 dog-years in their ages.


Should that matter in a relationship, age?

🙂 🙂 🙂

To be continued…

20 Replies to “…And Along Came Riley”

  1. John, totally enjoyed the humor and story line

    Hope to one day catch you and Tzuri out and meet the young lady



  2. Sterling photos, maybe last one my favorite along with the water dish share and the face to face intensity one, what a fabulously picturesque pair rambling on the green and plucking friendship out of the blue sky. They are an epic poem for sure.
    No, age won’t matter a whit, love is love. Look at Mick Jagger and L’wren, more to the point. The magnificent Tzuri is going to tower over Riley in no time, the day will come when they’re no longer nose to nose. Sigh. Riley will continue teaching Tzuri all the trade secrets and being the hero.


    1. Yes, Riley is special. He has the experience to outwit Tzuri at so many levels, even though she will one day tower over him, as you say. Jagger’s girl? They all rob the cradle, don’t they? Is it money or true love? I have my doubts about all those celebrity relationships. 🙂


  3. Oops! That first shot of Tzuri when she realizes there’s something BIG about to happen, well, I have no words, just a great big ol’ grin from ear to ear, and right through to the end! So often your blog comes through right when I need it. Today I’d just discovered that a stink bug really does stink. It was a tired one, and I piced it up to put it out! OMG, even ZOTE didn’t get the stench off, had to get out the white vinegar, lol.


  4. Yes, I love that first photo too, YIKES! Speaking of stink… Don’t tell anyone but I have yet to bathe Tzuri. She won’t let me brush her coat either. 😦


  5. Hi John
    ..from a dog Mama to a dog Papa — I so look forward to your updates and photos of Tzuri’s antics. Is there a way I could include pix of my mutt, Charley-Boy for Tzuri to check out? He is 5 yrs old, a Daschund/Beagle, 25.2 lbs of energy and curiosity.
    I think he is also part kangaroo, he jumps and bounces.

    Alright, you and Tzuri have a good one.
    Thank god for dogs! Charley-boy certainly brings a lot of joy into my life.


    1. At 25 lbs Charley-Boy and Tzuri are evenly matched. Hey, why don’t you start an online canine match-making service? We could all post pix and videos of our eligible pets and let them choose!

      Yes, the joy a four-legged companion brings us two-legged critters is very special.

      Thanks for visiting! 🙂


      1. Hi John

        yes– a canine match making web-site! I’m sure there are lots out there for pure breeds already. Oh..nobody want Mutts.
        Besides, Charley-boy has gotten the “Snip-Snip” already @ 10 months old
        Nevertheless, he was quite the stud-wanna-be as young as 7 month. He attempted to mate with the Golden Retriever of the neighbor of a friend I was visiting. It was rather comical, the boy was barely 20lbs at that time and being part Daschund was so low to the ground.

        Take care John & Tzuri
        Looking forward to see more of your posts.


  6. Hey John, I think I see the makings of a children’s book here…. hint, hint… I’ll do the illustrations… Thank you for the laugh out loud verbiage!!!


    1. Riley is so very photogenic with his wiry coat and the texture that goes with it. And they certainly do make a playful couple.


      PS – Leesah, FYI, is Riley’s owner.


  7. You captured the entire story in Riley’s and Tzuri’s expressive faces, but I’m glad you narrated the tale yourself. Such rascals.


  8. This was utterly fabulous! I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m loving this Tzuri tale (tail?)!


    1. Tzuri is growing so fast that she is already a wee bit bigger than Riley, but Tzuri still acts subservient.


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