Jose Diaz is a breeder/importer of world-renown German Shepherd Dogs.

Like any top breeder, Jose seeks to maximize the legacy of his breeding stock.

One way to keep your dogs and their progeny in the public eye is to insist on certain naming conventions when you purchase a puppy from them.

For example, Jose’s kennel name is “Kirsys,” and to reflect her origins my Zuri (pronounced “Sue’-ree”) would be known to the world as “Zuri vom Kirsys.”

Except for one other requirement: each litter is named successively, in alphabetical order, and this one was a “T.” First names, hence, must start with their designated letter.

I talked it over with Tzuri and she said it would be okay to add the “T” in front of the “z” as long as it remained silent. She squealed with delight at the possibility she might be mistaken for a damsel in a Tolstoy novel, and begged me to take a glossy publicity photo she could show to her friends at Obedience School.

Tzuri vom Kirsys

🙂 🙂 🙂

[To Be Continued…]

10 thoughts on ““That’s a silent ‘T’ in front of the ‘z’, if you please!”

  1. I’m loving this wonderful tale (tail?) of Tzuri! There’s just nothing quite like a pup. I almost want to put that image of her up on my wall. Though giving her a cuddle would be way better! Seems like you two are going to be very happy together.


  2. The Tzuri ‘money shot’ is pure glam. She’s actually developing a kind of sloe-eyed Deitrich thing methinks, and a bit of ‘eat your heart out’ imperialism. All entirely deservedd and delightful. Bravo Oops and Pup.


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