17 thoughts on “Goodbye, Yellowstone Road!

  1. Awww, don’t you just hate leaving Yellowstone? I always do. But whenever I have a crazy city day here in Dallas, I always imagine Yellowstone in my mind, and somehow just knowing this piece of wildness exists two day’s drive from my house makes it all okay.


  2. oops … Travel safe, especially when you reach the wilds of Miami and have to navigate the herds of maniacal drivers … and, to be sure, we expect loads of “baby pictures” posted when you pick-up your new pup. Don’t rule out “Spitfire” as her name … but, her personality might lead you in a different direction …


    • I think from the map I only have to venture a little ways into the outskirts of Miami. I went to a Superbowl there in ’68 and then again a Dolphins’ game in ’92. I know you’re from there but I just plain don’t like that place. For a while enterprising thugs were carjacking anyone driving a rental car away from the airport. Figured they were tourists who wouldn’t come back to the trial to testify. Oh, yeah, i also went down there in ’65 to be in Larry Southard’s wedding. I may be the only guy born and raised in Florida who has never been to South Beach. 🙂


      • My sentiments exactly. Was there in 1954 and when we took the “Jitney” and nearly got hit my Mee-Mee said, “Well, an inch is as good as a mile, but I ain’t comin’ back to here!” Windward Av. in those days was a heavenly place of outdoor breakfast with fresh-squeezed o.j. and it was so quiet I could hear the ocean as I ate. Now that’s how it’s supposed to be!! P. Martha (fahimapan)


  3. Oops, I cannot even put in words how deeply we enjoy your photos and comments, and I was just squealing with happiness to learn you’re headed to Miami to get your precious new puppy! Can’t wait to see pix of her? or him? love, martha


    • Thanks, Martha. And enjoy your trip to Mt. Dora. Hey, maybe I should check that place out too. Surely Richard can put us all up. 🙂 Actually, I spend some time every year just an hour away in Lakeland.


      • Oops, I have the canniest feeling about Mt. Dora. we’ve been trying to move for more than twenty years and always backing out. Once I read about the place in PULSE and had a few emails with Richard, I just got this feeling, and usually when I get one of those, well… you know the rest. Safe travel, friend. P. Marthaxx (fahimapan)


  4. While I will miss your Yellowstone photos, I’m sure you’ll have more photos and stories from where ever you are!!
    I look forward to your next posts!!


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