The Greeting

Everyone knows I love wolves but yesterday I was watching one of their distant cousins, a coyote (sometimes known as a ‘brush wolf’ or a ‘prairie wolf’) stalk prey in tall grass.

Suddenly she turned and started trotting toward me.

coyoteOkay, I thought, she wants to become friends.  But as she got closer she veered around my outstretched hand and definitely seemed a bit skittish.

coyoteThen she gave me a greeting.  It’s just that I’m not exactly sure what it means.

coyoteA yawn?  A belch?  A growl?

🙂 🙂 🙂

18 Replies to “The Greeting”

  1. Doesn’t matter what she was doing … belch-yawn-growl … did you see the rows of teeth in that mouth ? You don’t escape those jaws….


    1. “But she loves me, she trusts me, she understands me; she wouldn’t hurt me!”

      PS – I’m just paraphrasing what the wackos say on Animal Planet before they get devoured by their exotic ‘pets’. 🙂


  2. I love wolves and coyotes, too. We have coyotes here in the heart of Dallas and see them quite often in my neighborhood or running at White Rock Lake. It’s always a treat to see them — but from a distance!


  3. I agree about the distance thing. Holy simoleons, mucho teeth goin on there. There was a recent story about a man taking movies of a beaver and the beaver took a dislike to it all, turned on him, and severed a leg artery in a fierce attack and killed him! I know they’re used to people in Yellowstone, all the wild ones, but it’s not always easy to tell what’s on their minds. I can’t even be sure of what my cat is thinking from one day to the next. Be careful out there.


    1. I’m always safe but thanks for thinking about that. I exaggerate and fudge a bit in my posts just to make them seem a bit more dramatic. In this case I was actually shooting out the window of my car as she trotted by!

      PS – don’t tell anyone! 🙂


      1. You dawg you. But it was a great story. It also reminded me that Jimmy Carter got attacked by a rabbit flying out of a bog. Sigh. I hope the press agent got fired, what was he thinking. But the beautious coyote, well that’s something else. And it really is wonderful to see how healthy and fine all the animals look, makes me feel they’ve got wondrous land to roam.


  4. Geez, John, did you do anything to tick her off? She seems a little peeved!


      1. No way! In any event I’d keep my distance from that set of choppers…


  5. The one thing it definitely means is you have received a gift from our creator, a close encounter! Things are slow back here but still looking forward to your return later this year,

    The Lakeland Gang


  6. Enjoyed reading your post! Had a similar encounter with a sub-adult male baboon…. and likewise didn’t quite know what to make of it. Turned out to be a ‘asserting status kind of a threat yawn – this is my turf’. I was tempted to show my teeth in return, but could not have out-competed; slunk away quietly instead 🙂


    1. Good observation. I hadn’t thought of that being a warning sign but seems quite reasonable. Slinking away is always the best advice when you don’t have a comparable set of choppers. 🙂


  7. I think she wants her teeth checked.



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