‘Middle Grey’ Makes My Day!

It is difficult to convey the thrill of seeing a wolf in the wild.  Especially when they engage you directly, one on one.

middle grey lamar canyon wolfIt is said, rightfully so, that a wolf doesn’t look ‘at you’ so much as ‘through you.’

middle grey lamar canyon wolfThis gal’s name is ‘Middle Grey.’  She has pups in a den not far from here, across the Lamar River, but no one has seen them yet.

They are just about 8 weeks old and ready to be moved to a ‘rendezvous site’ – which is a kind of roving ‘nursery’ where they hang out and are even babysat by one of the adults while the others are out hunting.

[The competition as you might imagine is fierce amongst photographers to witness the move and get pictures of the pups.]

middle grey lamar canyon wolfIn these photos Middle Grey is out & about with her sister (a black female, not shown) while a third adult is most likely back at the den watching the pups.

It is thought that she might be noting places in the river safe enough for her pups to cross when the time comes to move them.

I don’t have the kind of long expensive lens (those so bulky you have to fasten them to a tripod) that the ‘big boys’ have, so these images suffer a bit by comparison.

middle grey lamar canyon wolfBut even a fuzzy shot of a Lamar Canyon Wolf makes my day!

🙂 🙂 🙂

10 Replies to “‘Middle Grey’ Makes My Day!”

  1. I’d say this one is far more about the experience than the shot (i.e. fancy lens). Still a fantastic shot I must say. I have yet to find a good reason to haul a tripod along…. seems like the shot is gone before you could set the danged thing up anyway, not to mention the nuisance of hauling it along.


    1. Yes, Gunta, I see a lot of good photographers with big lenses and tripods but it seems to me that’s a nuisance and all you really need to do is get a little closer. 🙂


  2. The wolves at last the wolves! Bravo. All the photos are amazing, I thought she’d walk right up to you. The last photo of Middle Grey is spectacular, what beautiful animals and she looks so good, so healthy.
    I must have had a memory of your wolf stories of last year when I was reading your posts about the foxes and the predatory badger. That the wolves work as a powerful, unified force (the babysitters and cave-watchers) and the foxes are on their own or in a pair, not a pack. Which now to see this and recall the wolves, surprises me. Would a badger ever take on a wolf? Do they have enemies? What a treat for you to be in range of them again.


    1. Some wolves are skilled enough to bring down a bison – albeit, most likely a weak one – so I am sure they would treat a badger as a snack.

      And yes, wolves are remarkably pack- and family-oriented, and playful.

      Thanks, Barbara.


  3. That first shot of her looking at you is definitely captures her spirit. Fingers crossed that you get to see them moving the pups!


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