10 Replies to “Rorschach Test”

  1. I see Napoleon in exile.
    What views before you, zowie.
    The creatures are so beautiful, the mist looks like it’s rising from frozen tundra. You know, you always capture such poetically sweeping lines, banner photograph is thrilling.


    1. The “capture” part is usually luck. Often an animal pops up, you jam on your brakes hoping not to cause a pileup, and you shoot quick from the window. You’re really lucky if you have time to roll the window down 🙂


  2. Gorgeous! I can invision him throwing his head back and releasing a forlorn Moose howl.


    1. Ah, yes… The howl – such a universal way of communicating! When I was young and single we would always say, especially on full moon nights, that we were “going out howling.”

      This is actually an elk. My apologies for not making that clear.



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