Mother Nature Is A Bitch

The weather has been moody lately, as if Mother Nature here in Yellowstone can’t decide whether to linger on the downslope of Winter or slip into Spring on the way to Summer.

It can be a brilliant blue & sunny day when you first drive through that magnificent arch into the Park…

Gateway Arch, YNP

…and just a few miles down the road skies can darken and temperatures plummet.


Look and see

Her spontaneity

Listen and feel

Her mysteries

Hear the rhythms

Of eternity

Yea verily

Mother Nature is a Witch

And we are all

Sons of this Bitch

– from “Mother Nature Is A Bitch” by Bonnie Eldred –

YNP37 degrees & drizzle yesterday in Pebble Creek, YNP

– i’m lovin’ it –

🙂 🙂 🙂


Yet Nature can be

A lovely thing

In fact she

Encompasses everything

We are we own

And what they bring

Our ancestors

To celebrate our birth

In ancient travelings

Around the earth

 – from “Mother Nature Is A Bitch” by Bonnie Eldred –


14 Replies to “Mother Nature Is A Bitch”

  1. Thanks John, your photos are filled with the essence of why we shoot! Beautiful “stuff”, your living what some of us can’t but even we can cherish your adventure. Blaze on compadre.


    1. Thanks, Ron. I think the world should know that you are the leader and mentor of our “Lakeland Gang of Photographers” and that any success I might have can be traced back to your teaching.


  2. Looks like you are in your element….Beautiful photos and words..I am with you in spirit…Missing the Florida heat and humidity????? Stay Safe..


    1. Hi, Jack. if I recall, you are going to Alaska soon? Stay safe yourself, take pictures, and keep more in touch. Thanks…


  3. Ooops … You have a way with the camera and the “keyboard.” Can’t say “pen” any more … alas that’s progress. Enjoyed the photography and your writing.

    Maybe we are all “SUNS of this bitch, Mother Nature.” Especially those of us who enjoy her moods and laugh at our own feeble attempts to “predict” her whimsical behavior with our technology and human forecasters. Based on what we have done to/with Mother Nature, I would say She gives new meaning to the phrase, “Pay back’s a Bitch.”


    1. Let the world know that Richard and I haven’t seen each other in over 40 years – ain’t the Internet a bitch! (He’s probably old and fat and gray, I still look 19.)

      Thanks for your kind words but of course you are a writer/editor par excellence. His online zine which everyone should check out is:


  4. Sorry for the moody gloom you currently find but wowsa look at all that, glorious by any standard as you point out. I love the banner picture, too, the ground and arch I’d forgotten, and hills and soaring bird. All so stunning it seems half real.
    And I can feel spring underneath all that, I’m guessing a great explosion of color and wafting in the wind things once the heat hits. And it will. It’s mother nature and she wants you cozied once she’s finished with the winter drama.


    1. Thanks, Barbara. The really wonderful fascination here is that you can drive over a ridge and in 10 minutes suddenly find yourself a season ahead, or a season behind – Magical!


      1. Ah, the wanderer in thrall. How perfectly lovely. So pleased for you. Your return to Yellowstone must feel very much an embrace.


  5. I certainly had a taste of what you’re describing…. loved every stinkin’ minute of it!


    1. Almost had me wishing I lived back in them mountains again, until….. that god-awful heat comes blasting in again.


    1. Thanks, Liz. I feel a bit incompetent and hesitant to post landscapes, less so with critters that have horns or fangs or talons or claws. 🙂


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