The Patriarch

I was waiting outside a fox den for the kit to wake up from their nap and come out and play when a herd (pack? group?) of bighorn sheep walked right behind me.

I snapped a couple of shots not bothering to adjust exposure and they continued on their way. I turned back around to watch for foxes.

Lo & behold a few minutes later up on the ridge in front of me one by one the sheep, who had apparently circled the perimeter 180 degrees, emerged from on high to peer down at this intruder (me) in their territory.  I was on sacred ground and their “hackles” were on alert.

bighorn sheepbighorn sheepbighorn sheepSatisfied, apparently, that I was no threat, they began to munch on some of the fresh Spring vegetation that has sprouted up to replace the winter snow here in Yellowstone NP.

bighorn sheepbighorn sheepAnd then the head honcho made an appearance.  At least it was pretty clear to me from his commanding presence that this was the no-nonsense guy to be reckoned with. 🙂

He looked both ways…

bighorn sheepbighorn sheepAnd then without a word he casually sauntered off.

bighorn sheep🙂 🙂 🙂

9 Replies to “The Patriarch”

  1. My guess is that you’re not in Lakeland, ToTo! No question he’s the “Leader of thePack.” How close did they get to you?


    1. If it ain’t snowin’, Richard, I’m in Montana. It’s okay to get close. You can walk up and pet the ladies as long as the old man don’t see you. Try it sometime 🙂 You going to the next reunion?


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