Tiers État

Commoners, peasants, serfs – in the world of Nature, gulls and their cousins are card-carrying members of The Third Estate.



Walmart shoppers!

girl running thru seagulls

Oops! Not so fast…

My mantra has always been “art teaches us to see.”  And I like to proclaim with only a little hyperbole that “you can find beauty in a mud puddle.”

🙂 Maybe it’s time I took my own advice! 🙂

Dignity  –  Beauty  –  Grace


gull divingseagull snatching foodgull swallowing fishseagullBesides – if I don’t stop stereotyping and refusing to see the uniqueness of these commoners, they just might begin plotting a Revolution.

sunshine skyway gullsLiberté, égalité, fraternité

seagullAnd what if there’s a Reign of Terror and I get sent to the guillotine along with tens of thousands of other “enemies of the revolution”?

😦 😦 😦

12 Replies to “Tiers État”

  1. Ooops … As usual, beyond fabulous photography. I love Sea Gulls. They’re raucous, brash, take what they want and are generally an obnoxious lot. Plus, they have no known territory…they’re everywhere. Hundreds of miles from ocean breezes. On every lake, river and stream. And, they eat our garbage without even a fuss about it. If we could only get them all to live in Washington. But then, where would all the pigeons roost?

    Where was the bridge in the background of “Liberte…” Looks like Savannah, Charleston? Could it be the Skyway, St. Pete? Also, in the “Look at me I’ve got lunch,” I loved the loose roofing nails peeking out among the shingles. Thanks for sharing. Long live the Gulls.


    1. Yes, Richard, that is the very same Skyway Bridge you could see from your dorm window at FPC. (Actually, I guess it got knocked down and rebuilt since you were there.) And those nails on the roof at Naples Pier… They once held wire strung across the shingles to keep the birds away! A common ploy at outdoor restaurants and the like, to not much avail.



  2. I love the gulls for always being willing to pose and for being so utterly goofy. I just don’t appreciate them decorating my car, especially after they’ve eaten grapes or some other berry…. ewww!


    1. They are indeed “goofy,” nice observation! And they can be quite a nuisance. I’m just pretending to like them for purposes of this post 🙂


  3. Too splendid for words. Although…I am frequently startled as you say to see them far inland, and as one of the commenters said, they don’t have a territory, which I hadn’t thought through but it’s true. I love their brilliant white and black and orange. And you’ve done a nice job of making them holier than usual. Very nice to see. The all-terrain-vehicle.


  4. GREAT photos and words as always, John!!
    I continue to look forward to your amazing work!!!


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