Big Cat Country

Billboards in and around Tucson, where I am staying for the holidays, proclaim this to be “big cat country.”

So I grabbed my camera and hit the trails.

lion with bonetiger crossing streammountain lion descending slope🙂 And yes, they have ‘little’ cats too. 🙂

bobcat‘Cat Country’ in these parts refers to football, of course. But taking photos of two-legged critters in tights is not exactly my idea of fun.

So instead I visited Reid Park Zoo and the world-renown Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum.

🙂 🙂 🙂

4 Replies to “Big Cat Country”

  1. Fabulous furry array of felines. What an urge to pet them overcomes me, I want to be the buddy going hither and yon and curled up in their company for a nap following the snack. They are beautiful. I’m so glad you’ve included their watering holes in your photographs, the reflections and colors, so lovely, the heat of the place, all the shots are splendid, John. I love the headliner maybe most of all, its expression. You must be having the time of your life.


  2. Interested to know what your gut impression was to see these extraordinary carnivores? Whether they would still be classified as carnivores, or satiated diners? I’d be looking at their ‘pounds per square inch’ bite compression….. !


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