8 thoughts on “Baptized in a Blizzard of Snow

  1. Okay … what’s the gas mileage? Congrats on buying American though that can include what used to be a lot of “foreign” cars … is a Honda assembled in NC a foreign car?

    I loved the fact that you labeld the death of the alpha female wolf as a “murder.” Maybe some day we’ll learn.

    Read a blurb from a New Zealand paper that they’ve taught 3 dogs to drive on a track to show people the intelligence level of animals other than human. And we think we’re so F’ing smart.


    • For 40 years, Richard, I had the ‘ex-pat’ mentality and only owned foreign cars. This is now my second Ford and surely I deserve a pat on the back. My wolf blog went viral (relatively speaking) with several thousand views. Probably didn’t hurt that 832F got a front page NYTimes obituary and thus a lot of internet searches followed. Keep me up to date with links to your writings…


    • Psst! Don’t tell anyone that I photoshopped this image! [My friend Bill has been both in and behind the scenes of several Stephen King movies, so he is quick to recognize these tricks of the trade. :)]


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