…a few pious Hawks

I suppose there could be a fate worse than to get up each morning and walk outside only to be besieged by a pair of low-flying red-tailed hawks.

🙂 But I’m not one to complain! 🙂

red-tailed hawk

red-tailed hawkred-tailed hawk

red-tailed hawkred-tailed hawk

Sometimes they put their flaps down and come screeching in for a landing.

red-tailed hawkThat’s when you need to be especially careful.  Because if they don’t like you, you’ll be the first to know!

😦 😦 😦

text placeholder...Where do they perch?

Well, they like to circle around the base of a non-denominational steeple and then land high up on the crossbar.

red-tailed hawkred-tailed hawkAnd what if the pew is already occupied?

red-tailed hawk

One of their own brethren is fine. But sometimes the congregation includes one of these guys…

eagle on steeple

An adult bald eagle has a wingspan of 6-8 feet and is not known for brotherly love. The prudent hawk diverts his flight plan until the coast is clear.

eagle on steepleOkay, but what about an osprey?  An osprey can get pretty ruffled when you ask him to move over.

osprey on steepleThe average red-tailed hawk is slightly smaller than the average osprey.  In my experience they tend to avoid confronting each other.  But an osprey can be quick to indicate his displeasure when he senses an intruder.

osprey on steeple

So, two red-tailed hawks might chat amicably but they don’t stay long.  One by one they leave…

red-tailed hawkred-tailed hawk🙂 Never a dull moment when you’ve got a camera in your hands! 🙂

[Heading Northwest USA soon to shoot eagles migrating from Canada!]

5 Replies to “…a few pious Hawks”

  1. Oops … amzing camera work … I look forward to your NW trip posts … stay safe and stay in touch


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