4 Replies to “MysteryImage.04”

    1. Thanks… I just changed the hint to “a color & a body-part & the first half of a character’s name in M*A*S*H.” Purists out there can crucify you over small errors like that 🙂

      PS – for those who haven’t been there yet, Barbara Sparhawk (“Holycowgirl”) has a wonderful website showcasing her paintings & writings at http://thehawksperch.wordpress.com/


  1. Let’s see … I immediately thought of Radar but he didn’t fit your clues and his last name was O’Reilly …never heard of an O’Reilly Hawk of any color … ruled him out. Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan had a body-part, but lost out on the “first half” of a character’s name — so crashed and burned on her.

    I really wanted it to be Maxwell Q. Clinger and there are some possibilities since no one ever revealed what the “Q” in his name represented. There is a color, “Queen Purple” that fits somewhat with Clinger since he was a crossdresser in his never ending attempts to be discharged. But I stumble with my complete lack of hawk knowledge … is there a “Queen Hawk” or a “Purple Hawk”?

    Sooo, Ooops … we’re left with the obvious … a direction I tried with all my energy to noy go, with “Hawkeye.” And thanks to Sparhawk’s information, I now know your most excellent photo, as usual, is of a Red Hawkeye. I will google the Red Hawkeye and add him to my growing knowledge of the bird world.

    Thanks for the entertainment. BTW … the fall issue of Pulse the Magazine is now out …www.pulsethemagazine.com … somme cool reading and photos.


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