The Land of Osprey

It has been almost a month & several thousand miles since my last post. I meandered diagonally across the lower forty-eight again, and I am back now in the Land of Osprey.

Yesterday at the ophthalmologist’s in Ft. Myers I was treated to a fabulous light show. They said it was corrective eye surgery as a follow up to the cataracts I had removed two years ago. But to me it was a multi-colored magic carpet ride through a laser tunnel that took me back to the Sixties.

Way cool!

I mention this only because now that I can “see” I am totally embarrassed by all the photographs I have posted recently. They are each and every one over-sharpened and over-saturated!

I knew that I could barely read road signs or see traffic signals, but that seemed such a paltry thing when you only drive 40,000 miles/year 🙂

But to miss the finer points of editing when you’ve got your nose smack up against a computer screen – why, for a photographer, that’s downright tragic! 😦

At any rate, please forgive me and look for an improvement in future images. Until then, here are a few osprey shots from the archives of a blind photographer to celebrate my return to Florida.

osprey lift off

osprey lift offosprey with fish

osprey with fish

osprey with fishOsprey spread wings w fishglum fishthe crucified fishosprey with fishosprey feeding youngosprey nestrooftop osprey with fishosprey eating fishosprey and crowosprey landing

5 Replies to “The Land of Osprey”

    1. Thank you for your kind words. With my “new eyes” I am hoping my pictures will improve, and I can’t wait to get back out West where there is more wilderness.


  1. So thoroughly breathtaking, John. By God, what a day, to see all of this. The spectacularly displayed bird (were you catching fish to bribe for those perfect poses?) is really something. You take us through the flight, the tip of the surface dip and catch, the meal, the motherly tending….I’ve never seen anything like it. The wonderful clarity of your photographs and brilliant color is as rare as your intimate connections to wild things. Thank you for such a remarkable journey as this.


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