Wayward & Weary

Sarah Gibson: 1984 – 2012

The word on Facebook is that for no apparent reason Sarah Gibson just up & fuckin’ killed herself!  She had once confided some unresolved early-life issues to me, but also that she was getting regular professional help.

My last contact with Sarah was New Year’s Eve.  We exchanged the following text messages.

Sarah: What are you doing for New Years?

John: Quiet dinner with sister…You?

Sarah: Bar hopping Naples with about 12 friends.

John: Stay safe!

Sarah: Oh yeah we will.  It’s gonna be awesome.

John: You know how to PARTY, girl!

Sarah: I pretend to but I have to tell you that I do have a tiara.

John: That keeps evil away?

Sarah: No it’s a crown.  LOL!

John: Princess Sarah!

Sarah: Exactly!  Did you know that’s what my name means?

John: No, but it fits you!

Sarah: Ha Ha!

sarah gibsonSarah loved music.  Here she is on her computer playing songs for me from her iTunes collection.  She was always introducing me to artists I had never heard before but whom I liked immensely.

Being younger, she was much more hip and knowledgeable than I about today’s music.  But I was able to share with her at least one tune she didn’t previously know, and she couldn’t get enough of it. Often she would call me up and sing this song over the phone while it was playing in the background.

“Wayward & Weary” is a sad eulogy written by Tift Merritt about a man who also killed himself, Hunter S. Thompson.  Click to listen…

😦 😦 😦

Sarah surfed, rode motorcycles, jumped out of planes, and for years was a professional horse jockey.

I made this little video of her wind surfing off Naples Beach in 2009.

Sarah Elizabeth Gibson was 28 years old.

12 Replies to “Wayward & Weary”

  1. Wow! She looks and sounds like an incredibly vibrant young woman. What a tragic loss…


    1. Killing yourself when you’re old and decrepit and the quality of life has deserted you (as I am prepared to do) is one thing, but it’s a crying shame & a tragic mistake when you’re young and vibrant and you don’t give mood swings a chance to recover!


  2. I’m sorry.
    I’m glad for the extraordinary appetite she showed, you photographed. We pound our fists in the sand to kill the demons, be free of the ghost voices, get our hearts racing liberated. Sometimes it works and we find our own way. Sometimes it’s past bearing.
    I’m sorry for Sarah. I never knew her and I miss her already.


    1. Sarah, too, was both blessed & cursed with the ‘artist’s sensibility.’ (We both know that’s not always easy to manage.) She lived fully & exuberantly and I encouraged her many times to try and translate her experience into art. She did write and compose songs, and would occasionally mention a possible career in journalism.

      Who knows the one thing that might have tipped the balance and made a difference she could live with?


  3. That was a very nice presentation. Thank you so much for showing another side of her extraordinary young life. I love you Sarah, you’ll be with me forever…!


    1. Should there be any more information other than what’s on Facebook that you care to share privately with me, I would greatly appreciate it.

      Thanks, Wayne…


  4. I just love this! The photo at the top of the page was taken at my house in Kentucky. It is comforting to know that Sarah had such great florida friends, Sarah was such an amazing person!

    Thanks, Cheryl


    1. Sarah thought very highly of you too, Cheryl, and talked about her good times with you when she lived up there. It is all so sad, although (living in Montana now) I still don’t know anything at all about the circumstances.



      1. Thank you so much for being Sarah’s friend, I know she really liked you. I am still living in Ky and Sarah was just visiting during Ky Derby time. My heart is broken! I wish I could bring her back and never let her go! It has been so hard to be so far from Sarah and now She is even further away! I hope to be in Naples Fl on the 30th till the 6th.


  5. Let me introduce you to our next guest and I know you’re going to enjoy her visit!
    So please make welcome the ultra facinating Miss Sarah Gibson!

    Beau Loeser
    Music City Attractions
    Nashville, Tennessee


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