Poopin’ In The Wind

I met a coyote today. He was high-steppin’ through the sagebrush.


We saw each other at about the same time and he stopped to give me a look-see.


But even though he was young he was confident and quickly turned his attention to more important matters.


Many consider coyotes to be varmints. They can be scrawny & mangy-looking and certainly they pale in comparison to the majestic wolf.

But I find them fascinating.


Suddenly he took off through the thick brush as if on a mission. I figured he had detected a mouse or a ground squirrel scampering underneath.


🙂 But no – he found the nearest clearing and quickly squatted for a poop 🙂

coyoteCompletely without shame, he even turned around and made eye contact, as if to say: “I’ll be right back.”


Coyotes: The New Kid On The Block

2 Replies to “Poopin’ In The Wind”

  1. These are wonderful photographs, it’s like being there, no glamorous stuff just wild, wild, wild and lovely. When the winter coats molt they look the worst, won’t he go sleek?
    I briefly stayed up on Clear Ridge in Big Sur, fairly wild land, not the most or least, with a sizable fox population. Well one local fox, and maybe like brother coyotes, left a handsome deposit on the doorstep just about every night. I could never figure out the significance beyond bragging rights, ‘I come and go without your knowing’. But like your coyote, I think it’s part biological and part communication.
    In any and all events, these are such superb photographs, a delight to see.


    1. For some reason I never see foxes. Coyotes like me, foxes don’t. Luck of the draw, I guess 🙂



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