Yellowstone II: Vistas & Critters

For a nature-lover and wildlife enthusiast, each day in Yellowstone is another magic carpet ride.

The experience of my second week here has been just as wondrous as the first.  I can barely keep up with the processing of the thousands of images I take, but here are a handful.


paradise valleyParadise Valley

lake yellowstoneFire & Ice

mammoth hot springsHot Rocks

hot springsDesolation Lake


great horned owleyes wide shut

coyoteon the prowl

bird on sagebrushneighborhood watch

bull elk munching

the vegetarian

bighorn sheep

little bighorn



bison kneeling


Now I see the secret of making the best person: it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth.

 Walt Whitman

4 Replies to “Yellowstone II: Vistas & Critters”

  1. Oh John, what a place you’re in, the wilds headed into the short explosive summer on spectacular land. It’s so stunning. I feel as if I’m getting a visit myself through these unusual photographs you take. The owl’s incredible, the deer the fox the everybody. Have a splendid time of it, looks like you are.


    1. Thanks, Barbara. You’re so right about the “short explosive summer.” It hit 99 degrees two days in a row out here. But the bears and the bison are desperately fattening up and cars still carry snow chains in their trunks.


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