The Hunger Games

Elephant Seals, Pacific Coast Highway

elephant seals

Long before the current movie a vicious drama by the same name (aka ‘The Sex Games’) has been playing out in the natural world for centuries.

elephant seals

Two by two they battle.

elephant sealselephant sealselephant sealselephant sealselephant sealsThe slaughter is immense.

elephant sealsVictory is bittersweet.

elephant seal


🙂 All fighting performed by trained stunt seals 🙂

Extras recruited from the thousands who show up annually to shed their skins

6 Replies to “The Hunger Games”

  1. Where on the Pacific coast…north I’m thinking, stunning pictures, were you there? Do they react to human presence….and please tell me they’re sand bathing and not deceased. Great shots of wild things.


    1. Just south of Big Sur. I stopped at the Henry Miller Library, and blogged about it in another post. I kind of thought you had a gallery close by, and looked for it, but must have missed it. Yes, the seals are only play-fighting. They show up annually on the beach to molt. They sleep a lot, and flip sand up over themselves as a sun block 🙂 Thanks for commenting!


      1. Greatly relieved they are out for a glorious good time. I’d been so saddened by the unexplained dolphin deaths along the coast of South America.
        I moved my gallery, The Hawks Perch, north a few months ago, now in Carmel Valley, about five miles inland from the Carmel Beach/ocean on CV Road. It was either getting flattened by the ferocious rents and deadening road closures or getting a job at the sardine factory. Good move for me, I love this place, miss Big Sur for its fabulous wild geography, three great years there.
        Wonderful pictures of the elephant seals, John. Beautiful creatures.


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