Not a Bad Way To Croak

Sometimes I am asked how I manage my health care, logistically speaking, given that I travel more or less full time.

Simple… I still maintain my regular doctors down in Naples and once a year I lump all my routine appointments into the space of one week.

Medium – she’s from Nicaragua & loves to give me a Spanish lesson precisely when I can’t talk back – probes my gums and X-rays my teeth for Walfred Torrens to look at. Dr. Torrens will show me his latest digital camera and ask me questions about macro (close-up) photography. Shana strips me half naked and runs her soft hands over my body feeling for sun bumps. Glara Yi in her Oriental miniskirt dilates my eyes and leans in lipstick-close to peer into my soul. And Robert Hanson, who scatters repent-and-meet-thy-maker brochures around his waiting room, thumps my chest cavity with two fingers and taps my knees with a rubber mallet and lets me know if I have another year to live or not.

Last year Dr. Hanson said my lab test results were “boring.” This year he said, “You’re doing everything right.” That was good news, given that I have been known to lie a little bit about how I take care of myself.

“So,” I asked, “what am I at risk for? What’s going to kill me first?”

He knows I zipped back and forth from coast to coast three separate times last year, and peered over both the Mexican and Canadian borders, racking up more than 40,000 miles.


New Health Resolution: Drive less, fly more!

john before helicopter flight over Grand CanyonI mean, like, I was only 7000 feet up over the Colorado River taking pictures – and I was wearing a flotation device!

aerial view of grand canyon🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

5 Replies to “Not a Bad Way To Croak”

  1. Approach modern medicine the way you would an open cockpit door at 7000′ …nice shot by the way !


  2. Do you know if Dr. Glara Yi is still practicing? She no longer at Eye Health.


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