The Limpkin Chicks

Sibling Rivalry

Down along the canal there are five limpkin youngin’s in their awkward years. Any two or three of them at any given moment might break into a squabble.

3 limpkins squabbling

The Struggle to Survive

Even though the competition is fierce, most of the chicks have become adept at finding & cracking open shells for food.limpkin with shell

limpkin with shelllimpkin with shelllimpkin with shelllimpkin with shell

Mama’s Boy

The smallest, however, still hides under Mama’s skirt…

limpkin chick with mother…and expects her to feed him!

limpkin chick with motherlimpkin chick with motherlimpkin chick with motherBut enough is enough! This time, when the little brat stole her tasty morsel yet once again, you can clearly see her exasperation.limpkin chick with motherlimpkin chick with mother

🙂 So she took her next treat & swam away 🙂

limpkin chick with mother in water

4 Replies to “The Limpkin Chicks”

  1. Your photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing. I also enjoy your posts about the problems with god. I don’t have much introspective into the way religion works. My grandfather was a preacher, the most gentle and kind soul I have known. I always had questions that went unanswered. I studied Anthropology and Archaeology in my early 20’s. I came to realize that humankind can’t always deal with the realities. There must be a higher source. That is what people have prayed for, made religions, war and genocide over the ages.

    There is a higher source. It lies within us, waiting to fly.

    Thanks for all of your posts! I look forward to them…


    1. Thanks, Barbara, for your kind comments. I appreciate your following and reading my blogs. I’m following yours too!


    1. And I miss shooting birds. My life has been lately reduced to shooting people! Well, maybe that’s not so bad, a lot of them deserve it. 🙂


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