The Clumsy Hawk(s)

hawk sitting on nest

She looks a bit forlorn and sometimes I think she has the postpartum blues. Or maybe the chicks just didn’t survive as I’ve been visiting for weeks now and have yet to see or hear any youngin’s.

Oh, she putters around and goes through all the right motions. Fusses with the nest, does her chores like a good mother.

hawk rummaging around nestEven brings food & snacks home, although she seems mostly to eat everything herself.

hawk with morsel of foodYesterday for whatever reason she suddenly decided to snatch up her half-eaten lunch and hop over to a nearby tree. I don’t recognize what she has – seems too long for a lizard but doesn’t quite look like a snake.

hawk with squirming preyhawk flying with preyUnfortunately, while trying to land on a swaying branch, she dropped her meal!

hawk on branchTalk about being forlorn! She seemed to realize right away that her prey had dropped down into a briar patch way too thick for her to find it again.

hawk looking forlornWhat the #$%&!

hawk looking puzzledBut she didn’t give up easily and kept frantically peering down into the underworld.

hawk peering down into brushUltimately, however, she accepted her fate and seemed to adopt a more quizzical/stoic attitude.

hawk perplexed

Breaking News!

There IS actually a chick in the nest. Look closely, and see for yourself that . . .

hawk in nest feeding chickhawk in nest feeding chickhawk in nest feeding chickhawk in nest feeding chick🙂 Clumsiness is inherited 🙂

hawk chick

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