Friendly Skies?

What goes up . . .

stunt plane ascending

. . . must come down

stunt plane descending😦 And sometimes the landing is a bit abrupt 😦

plane crashWe all know why millions flock to car races & air shows. Blood and gore is irresistible and modern day gladiators will always rise (or fall) to the occasion.  Although, for me, it’s not blood but the drama of the image depicting an Oedipal character’s tumble from grace that excites me.  Others can watch the crash, I just want to document the denouement . . .

plane fallingplane falling. . .and the panic of that last frantic struggle to wrench fate from the jaws of death.

plane falling

🙂 😦 🙂 😦 🙂 😦

spoofin’ ya ain’t no dead people just professional stunt pilots

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