Izzy’s Back!

eagle approaching tree

Isabelle (“Izzy”), my eagle friend, disappeared for a couple of weeks and I was afraid she had found greener pastures. Like, maybe she had developed a taste for rabbits and squirrels and was forsaking the plump coots and ducks down around Lake Morton.

But now she has returned to grace my presence again. Even perches on the same branch in the same tree as before!

eagle in treeI still patiently wait sometimes as long as an hour for her to leap into action. Time well spent, indeed!

eagle leaping from treeAnd she hasn’t lost her appetite! Here is a visual update of some of her recent culinary encounters.

Plump Tender Muscovy

eagle guarding duckeagle with dead muscovy duckeagle with dead muscovy duck

Tough Old Coot

eagle with dead cooteagle with dead cooteagle with dead cootI may not see Izzy again. She has miles to go, and so do I.  I leave soon to explore shrouded vistas in the Smoky Mountains, spring flowers along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and wild horses in the Outer Banks. Then Yellowstone and West by Northwest!

eagle with dead coot 🙂 So long, free spirit! 🙂

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