Baptized In The Yellowstone River

I first experienced Yellowstone National Park, Montana & Wyoming & the Grand Tetons, in 2008. It was love at first sight.

That 5-week summer road trip was to forever change my life. I was baptized in the Great Outdoors and knew then that my calling was to travel and take pictures.

Here are six short amateurish videos from that inaugural trip.  Total run time = @ 11 minutes.

Yellowstone Or Bust!

Le Grande Tetons

Bear Alert!

Buffalo Jam


Beartooth Mountain

2 Replies to “Baptized In The Yellowstone River”

  1. Just beautiful, every one. What a treat this was, I can’t believe I missed them before! Amazing the Buffalo Jam, the bears in Lupin, exquisite elk, the scenery of rivers and mountains, ice and and wild flowers. What a time there, small wonder you go back. All these things are so touchingly splendid, the animals and the geography, and I’m so glad you included your delighted presence.
    Just out of curiosity, in one of the car line-ups I spotted a motorcycle. What does a bison think of cyclists?


    1. A motorcycle is kind of like a play toy to a bison. Adults give them to their kids to kick around. 🙂

      Actually, when bison are standing in the road, exasperated motorists will sometimes gently nudge around them. I’ve never seen a bison react to a car but they always keep one eye on you.

      Thanks, Barbara!


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