Pickin’ Up The Tab

Years ago I loaned Sarah some tuition money for a college course. She had taken a couple of my classes and we had gotten to be good friends.

sarah on Mac computer

Sarah’s a techie and was not only instrumental in convincing me to switch from a PC to a Mac, but also helped me wire together my sound system & ‘home-network’ my condo back when I actually had a place to live.

sarah hooking up sound system

Sarah may look petite but don’t let that fool you. She wind surfs, sky dives, hang glides, rides motorcycles – and for close to a third of her 27 years was a professional horse jockey on the highly competitive racing circuit.

sarah windsurfing

sarah racing portrait

She’s got the spunk & the adrenaline & the devil-may-care attitude that reminds me all too well of my crazy days in Hot’lanta, back in the 70s!

Sarah posing on top of car

Last night we met at Harold’s Tiki Bar & Outdoor Restaurant in Naples. What a total surprise when she peeled off three crisp one-hundred dollar bills – and then plopped down a fifty on top of that!

“I owe you some money,” she said.  “Let’s spend it!”

harold's pool bar

sarah at harold's

We proceeded to do our best to blow that wad on beer & sushi before the night was over!

So, Sarah – we still on the junket for that African safari next year?  I’m not too keen on flying so I’ll buy some road maps and meet your there 🙂

6 Replies to “Pickin’ Up The Tab”

  1. I think she may have convinced you when she asked, “Why keep banging your head against the wall when you can own a MAC.” Right? One’s got to love her brutal honesty.


  2. I would give anything to get my friend back!!! I alway loved how full of life she was, alway pushing me to go out and try something new.


    1. She could be nonstop enthusiasm for the fast life. Although – who knows – maybe that was covering up a deeper depression. At least she had great friends like yourself, Cheryl.



      1. I totally understand what you’re saying. I grew up with Sarah and we went through the same type of pain with family. For someone so tough on the outside, she was so tender on the inside. I am so lucky to have had her in my life.


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