Three for the Price of One!

Somehow, for reasons lost in the thrill of seeing myself in cyberspace, I now have three web sites.

Okay, maybe I really have more like five URL’s. Three are free and up & running, two are not. And the two sites I pay a monthly fee for are still undeveloped because I vowed I would not use a standard Walmart-type template but would learn XHTML & construct my own eye-poppin’ graphics from scratch.

I bought Adobe’s highly-touted “user-friendly” web-design software, Dreamweaver, and regularly download Dreamweaver tutorials from the premier digital learning center,

Yeah, right… That’s been two years now. I’m a slow learner 😦

giblets bio screenshot

This site, “giblets & flapdoodle,” is what I think of as my “home page.” It’s the only URL you need because everything in all its dubious glory can be accessed from the sidebar on the left.

notes & quotes” is just that. Daily quotations. Sometimes funny. Sometimes not. I don’t think I have missed a single day since I started posting.

notes quote screen shot

freewheelin’ USA” – yes, the name was filched from the first Bob Dylan album – is a photoblog site where I like to post pictures as an excuse (seeing as how I am constantly on the road) to update my current whereabouts for all my loyal (three or four!) fans. I don’t think I have missed more than 1-2 days between postings, rain or shine.

freewheelin usa screenshot

Thanks for visiting!

3 Replies to “Three for the Price of One!”

  1. Good!! Gracias por citarme, me encanto!! Thanks, I like too much!! You’re good writer!!


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