The Perks of Aging

One of the perks of growing older is that life is no longer fraught with such drama.

All around us all too often parents are yelling, lovers are quarreling, customers are complaining, kids are rebelling. We regularly get drawn-and-quartered by emotional rifts, imagined slights, skyrocketing expectations, humiliating defeats.

Weird GuyHow much precious time we waste secretly plotting the perfect comeuppance! Or frantically GPS’ing ourselves to psychosocial advantage!

I am not unsympathetic to the plight of others, having been frazzled out there on a tightrope many times myself – but, man, it sure is nice when longevity kicks in and rearranges our priorities.

“What’s all the fuss about?” we find ourselves wondering when we start to get upset.

On the other hand, so as not to glamorize, and just to set the record straight: it’s ugly what age does to the body, growing older!

8 Replies to “The Perks of Aging”

  1. Yeah, I could do with a slowing down of the physical aging process…. but I sure don’t miss all the angst. 😉


  2. Age has been very kind to me … life has been kind …. every hindrance has turned into a later blessing or at least a momentary blockage … as in my bowels. It all (life) moves smoothly thru our system provided we have enough roughage along the way..


    1. Are you contradicting yourself, now saying that suffering (“roughage”) is a necessary part of life? 🙂

      BTW: Rummage around in the bowels of my web site at your own risk, you might find some mess.



      1. No contradiction, just a misunderstanding of what i mean by suffering and roughage.

        “Suffering” is too negative to assign to the symbolism of “roughage.”

        Roughage in life is simply that which enables us to continue to live, move forward and more easily excrete those parts of our life that need to be dropped along our trail. It’s the gazillion little things that don’t work so well in your life and the few , what we tend to call the “big things.”

        I’m sure the trail is filled with people who have “suffered,” according to their definition and view; and there are 100’s of millions that have had more hindrances and less roughage to assist them than I have. But given the choice i see, life or not life, i’ll take the part I know and experience over the hope of something else.

        Kick back and make it work … easy for someone to say, who “has not suffered” and has managed his roughage well.

        If this doesn’t help clarify, I’ll sum it up with: “Life and most of what we deal with is no big deal … except not life.”


        1. “Life’s not fair, it’s just fairer than death.” – Steve McQueen’s last line in “Soldier In The Rain.” 😀


          1. McQueen … the actor who never “acted.” He simply was Steve McQueen in front of a camera on a movie set … cool beans!


          2. McQueen … the actor who never “acted.” He simply was Steve McQueen in front of a camera on a movie set … cool beans!


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